Comfortable Travelling from Booking to Touchdown

Analyzing and Optimizing Online Products for SWISS International Airlines.

For Swiss International Airlines, travelling comfortably starts at booking one’s ticket online. In order to tailor its online presence to the customers’ needs SWISS looks to Digital Analytics developed by zweipunkt.

Aiming to relaunch its entire online presence, Swiss International Airlines started by comprehensively analyzing strengths and weaknesses of its existing webpages. Which pages are frequented regularly, which content does not generate enough attention, and where can users be directed even more efficiently: A Webtrends-tools customized and implemented by zweipunkt helped to quickly and accurately detect the key performance indicators of Swiss’ websites. Deficiencies were then identified and optimized as part of the websites’ relaunch. As a result, Swiss International Airlines now offers its flights online in a customer- and travel-friendly way.

At the core of our Digital Analytics solution for SWISS works an adaptive dashboard bringing together all vital performance and market data.