Google Analytics and Tableau


Google Analytics Premium meets Tableau meets Novartis

By deploying Google Analytics Premium with Google Tag Manager on their Pharma intranet (Sharepoint), Novartis gained great insight in daily usage statistics of their associates.

However, it soon became obvious that access management, streamlined custom reports and training on Google Analytics for all stakeholders would represent a major effort for all parties involved.

We are thus currently working on a solution leveraging Tableau and its native Google Analytics connector to deliver tailored reports and dashboards throughout the company allowing eased management and access control.


  • Full, real-time insights
  • Easy access to statistics
  • Very flexibel segmentation on user or content level (e.g. user’s country vs. country’s content)


  • Intranet composed of over 50 individual country sites
  • Complex implementation in Sharepoint
Categories: Analytics, Smart Data